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 Darkstripe's OP Application

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PostSubject: Darkstripe's OP Application   Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:14 am


IGN (In Game Name) ----- Darkstripe232

Times you will most likely be on --- Trying to be on for a good bit

How long have you played on are Server (Must be at least on for 2 weeks) ---- Over two wees thats a definite fact

Do you have any past experience's as on op or forum mod? (Proof will higher your chances) ----- I've been an op on two classic servers and one beta server

Give us a Reason why you want to be an Op or forum mod ----- I want to help the server and the inhabitants of the server i would like to be op to stop greifers on the server because ive had previoous experience with them

Anything you do like hobbies or intrests? ----- I play videogames and clarinet and my job

What would you do if there is a hacker on the server? ----- Kick him, ban him, ip ban him

Anything extra goes here. ----- I play on classical servers i play clarinet and i like to gay tony and hit chickens with shovels and occasionally read books
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PostSubject: ....................   Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:50 pm

when it says how long you played on the server this dosnt mean that u have been on the server the server has been down for weeks
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Darkstripe's OP Application
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